NEC Contract Training

NEC Contracts training courses designed for contractors, subcontractors, project managers, commercial managers, quantity surveyors, claims consultants, contract managers, engineers, designers and employers. These courses are practical by their nature and provide a hands on approach on how the provisions of the contract should be applied in practice to protect your company or organisation whilst identifying where key risks are within the contract and steps that should be taken to avoid the common pitfalls.

Topics covered on NEC Contract Training Day include (NEC3 and NEC4)

  1. Introduction to NEC Contracts (structure)
  2. Contract documents
  3. Programme
  4. Early Warning
  5. Compensation Events
  6. Payments
  7. Disallowed Costs
  8. Completion
  9. Defects
  10. Termination
  11. Dispute resolution
  12. Caselaw
  13. Claims under NEC Contracts

All attendees will receive a certificate following completion of the Training Day for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

NEC Contracts courses include:

  • NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC)
  • NEC3 Subcontract (ECS)
  • NEC3 Short Contract (ECSC)
  • NEC3 Short Subcontract (ECSS)
  • NEC3 Professional Services Contract (PSC)
  • NEC3 Term Services Contract (TSC)
  • NEC3 Term Services Short Contract (TSSC)
  • NEC3 Framework Contract (FC)
  • NEC3 Supply Contract (SC)
  • NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC)
  • NEC4 Subcontract (ECS)
  • NEC4 Short Contract (ECSC)
  • NEC4 Short Subcontract (ECSS)
  • NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC)
  • NEC4 Term Services Contract (TSC)
  • NEC4 Term Services Short Contract (TSSC)
  • NEC4 Framework Contract (FC)
  • NEC4 Supply Contract (SC)


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